My trip to Ecuador

My trip to Ecuador, more than a start up.

My trip to Ecuador, more than a start up, a dream.

After I left my job on September 5th I went backpacking for couple of months to Brasil, USA, Thailand, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia. I came back from that long trip with the decision of not looking for another job, but to start what I have kept in mind for years, a tour company in my beloved country, Ecuador.

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Mario Fuentes from My trip to Ecuador

Who is Mario the tour guide?

Well, I am going to be honest, I never know how to start a blog, so I think I am going to introduce myself, Mario the tour guide.

I’m a 26 year old guy right now (just turned 26 two months ago), lived in Guayaquil-Ecuador my whole life. I have a degree in Business and Management with a major in finance, have worked as a server in a Mexican Restaurant in Williamsburg-Virginia, have been a taxi driver, mattress cleaner, food seller. In 2010 I started in a big Ecuadorian company as a Treasury Analyst and moved next year to a International company as a Finance-Tax Analyst. (that would be My resume).

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