About My trip to Ecuador

About Our Company

My trip to Ecuador is a tour operator company in Ecuador with the mission of giving the opportunity to all tourists to experiment the life at its purest.

We offer different kind of packages for the different necessities and budgets of the tourists. Also we let the tourist to choose the destinations they want to visit and we prepare a personalized package for that group.

We are very committed to give a quality service, and very compromised with the sustainability of the tours.

We invite everybody in the world to come and let yourself surprised for the incredible landscapes, flora and fauna of the country, we dare you to experiment what it is like to be Ecuadorian for some days, we dare you to experiment the life… at its purest. AMA LA VIDA!

Meet the Team

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Mario Fuentes


Mario is the founder of My Trip to Ecuador, which is his dream since he was 16 years old. Borned and raised in Guayaquil, Mario went to business school and worked as a financial analyst until 2013. He started the company at the age of 24, 2014, same year he got prepared to be a tourguide. Mario has lived abroad, and has a passion for traveling, that’s why he understands travelers and does his best to create a memorable experiences in the tours. Mario loves meeting people, love Ecuador, love traveling, that’s why guiding has been always his dream job, because is the combination of all of his passions in life. Languages: Spanish, English, Portuguese.



Ninfa is the youngest of our guides. She was born in a small town in the countryside of Ecuador, but moved to Quito for her high school studies. After graduation Ninfa came back to the coast and went to University for her tourism degree. When she was 22 she opened her family farm for Ecotourism and did a great project. Ninfa speaks excellent English since she guided in her family cocoa farm for 4 years. She has a charming smile and a sweet personality that fits perfect to be a tour guide, you will love her service! Languages: Spanish, English.



Toño, that is a short for Antonio, is the history expert of the company. Toño was born in Mexico but moved to Ecuador when he was 2 years old, so he considers himself Ecuadorian. Toño is passionate about history, he is the guide for the cemetery tours, but also you would have special citytours with him since he knows the meaning and story behind every monument of the city, all the important dates and names of our heroes who fought to get our Independence. Toño has also lived abroad and went to University in Guayaquil for tourism. Languages: Spanish, English.



Gema is our support in the administration part of the company. She manages the calendar of the tours, she processes all our permits to be able to operate in the country, she creates new business partnerships with companies inside Ecuador and abroad also. Gema is also borned and raised in Guayaquil and went to University for Business Administration. She is really the support of the company since she keeps control that all the tours start and finish with everything they need. Languages: Spanish, English.



Santiago is our partner in Manta. He is in charge of all the tours going on in the port city. Santiago was borned and raised in Manta and knows all the great places around the area. With Santiago or any of our partner tour guides in Manta you can visit the city, check Panama Hat factories, markets, Montecristi Town and take a tour to Isla de la Plata. Don’t miss the chance to check the city of Manta and surroundings areas. Languages: Spanish, English.



Fausto is our partner in Quito.